One-Pot Orzo With Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Recipe (2024)



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very saucy

This was just fine to me but not worth a repeat. I tried it bc I love orzo and had a bunch of feta in the fridge. Decent flavor but very very tomatoey and too saucy for the orzo. I followed the directions to a T and it ended up feeling like it was just mostly tomato sauce. Maybe try with a more robust pasta like rigatoni or fusilli. Agree with another reviewer that it didn’t feel like a complete meal. The shrimp felt lost in the sauce.


We loved this! I doubled the garlic in both steps, used vegetable stock instead of water, and just before the shrimp was done I removed the lid, added the feta and threw under the broiler for a minute or two to finish. Came out wonderful.


Don't add water. Others have recommended stock, and that sounds good. I added a can of tomato sauce in addition to the crushed tomato, and it was very rich.


After reading reviews, I used the recipe as a base and jazzed it up a bit and found it quite good. Doubled the garlic and amped up the spices, added an extra 1/3 c. orzo, used veggie broth instead of water, added a bunch of chopped parsley to the pot at the end, and several healthy twists of black pepper. I could see olives or capers and a splash of red wine working well too. A great easy one-pot meal!


This was a pretty decent, cozy dish! I ended up adding diced shallot when you add garlic to the roasting tomatoes, and added a good glug of red wine to the dish when simmering.


Love how easy it is. We thought it needed more orzo than the recipe calls for, so next time...!


This was good, but I agree with others that it's just lacking something to make it more hearty. I added a handful of pitted kalamata olives if you wanna up the Greek/Mediterranean factor a bit. Any olives would do, it seems.


All cooks now raise your right hand and say, "I will not use a recipe where you cook pasta all the way in a sauce". It makes the sauce a starchy goo that you cannot season or moisture your way into something edible. Cooking pasta separate and finishing in a sauce is the way to go and I will never make that mistake again. (I thought Orzo would be different, being so small.)


Delicious! Cooked the cherry tomatoes down until they broke down, more like 20 mins. Then omitted the can of tomatoes


I love the old Pierre Franey 60-minute Gourmet version of this Greek classic. It's a little more complicated but still easily 60 minutes or less, depending on how efficiently you can peel shrimp!


So you add the tomatoes... twice?


-Less sauce or more orzo-Needs bread for dipping


It was delicious and easy. But needs to be watched carefully to avoid a saucy starchy mess. From experience I knew not to cook the orzo the full 10 minutes before adding the shrimp. The box says 9-10 minutes for al dente, and the shrimp needs to cook too. Start adding the shrimp around minute 7-8.


Add spinach


I agree with other comments … way too much tomato sauce. I used the whole pint of grape tomatoes but cut the tinned tomatoes in half and used diced tomatoes not crushed. I would recommend larger shrimps for this recipe. It was good even without the feta and parsley 🥲


Largely followed the recipe and didn’t have a problem with soupy-ness, I did cook down the cherry tomatoes for longer period, added a little white wine and also did chicken broth in lieu of water, and, as always, doubled down on the ajo :) DE-vine


Such a hit! Will be making again - thanks to other readers for their notes. I made the following changes:Doubled the garlic and spicesCooked orzo separately in chicken broth, used 1 cup of the starchy brothy cooking water and added it along with the tomato sauce (yes the orzo was a past al dente but I like it that way!)Added only about 1/2 cup of tomatoDiced a block of feta, scattered on top, broiled on high until it started browning


Made this for dinner last night. I followed the recipe as written. Next time maybe I would add a little more orzo - like 1/4 cup as well as cut the shrimp into bite sized pieces before cooking but…that’s it. My family and I really enjoyed it.


Tasted great. A couple reviews in here certainly helped. I swapped vegetable broth for the water, put the pot under a broiler with the feta on top at the finish, and doubled the garlic. Also don’t be shy about the salt - it brings out the best in the tomatoes! Also used a toasted baguette to sop up the sauce (if you love carbs as much as my wife and I do).


Oooof - wish I had read the comments before making this! This is basically a dinner of tomato sauce with a bit of orzo and shrimp... It was smelling SO good following the cherry tomatoes/spices part. Wish I had just added the shrimp to the cherry tomatoes (and omitted the crussed tomatoes), cooked the orzo separately, and then mixed together at the end with the feta -- that would have been so good. Regretting the canned tomato sauce.

Mary Battistella

I would leave out the crushed tomatoes, cook the orzo separately. Saute the marinated, shrimp and halved grape tomatoes. Toss all together with parsley and feta. I might even add some pine nuts to the sauce


Really, really acidic and not enough pasta. It turned out kind of like a weird tomato soup. I stirred in a bunch of greens but it didn't help. If I made this again I would add red wine and shallots and more pasta like other people suggest.

Christophe (Paris, France)

I agree with some of the readers this is a decent recipe but it needs tweaking. Perhaps less tomatoes, more garlic and more spices. And the feta in the end is probably unnecessary.


I saw everyone’s concerns with the amount of tomato - I used 2 lbs of shrimp instead of 1 and 2 cups of orzo instead of 1, and that solved the issue. I still used the 28 oz of tomatoes and added 1 cup of veggie broth. I doubled the garlic and spice recommendations. I also added mushrooms once the tomatoes started blistering, which I enjoyed. I did have issues with the shrimp cooking on the stove, so I threw the Dutch oven in the oven for like 10-15 min at 350 and the shrimp cooked.


This was fantastic! The flavors really come through. I was using up what I had on hand so the proportions may have been a bit different, and squished whole canned tomatoes by hand rather than crushed. Was out of feta so used goat cheese, which resulted in a divine creaminess if stirred a bit. Will be making this one again with feta!

Amy C

I followed Callie’s comments, added more orzo, jazzed it up with extra garlic and Kalamata olives were a great accompaniment! Crusty garlic bread is a must. This was very good.

good with additions

I made it with Roma tomatoes and didn't add the crushed can. Used broth too instead

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One-Pot Orzo With Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Recipe (2024)


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