Mikayla Campinos Net Worth | Dead, Age, Wiki & Bio 2024 (2024)

Mikayla Campinos Net Worth | Dead, Age, Wiki & Bio 2024 (1)

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Mikayla Campinos Bio

Here you will learn about Mikayla Campinos Net Worth and all about her. Mikayla Campinos, popularly known as Mika, is a Canadian TikTok star and social media celebrity. Born on November 17, 2006, she hails from Canada and is currently in her mid-teenage years. As a Scorpio by zodiac sign, Mikayla has gained significant fame for her entertaining and diverse short videos on TikTok. She has garnered over three million followers on the platform, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the online community.

Mikayla Campinos BioIs Mikayla Campinos Dead?Mikayla Campinos WikiCareer and Social Media PresenceMikayla Campinos Net WorthMikayla Campinos Shorts15 facts about Mikayla CampinosFAQsWho is Mikayla Campinos?How old is Mikayla Campinos?Is Mikayla Campinos dead?Does Mikayla Campinos have a boyfriend?What is Mikayla Campinos’ net worth?What are Mikayla Campinos’ hobbies?What is Mikayla Campinos’ nationality?Does Mikayla Campinos have any siblings?What is Mikayla Campinos’ height and weight?What type of content does Mikayla Campinos share on TikTok?

Is Mikayla Campinos Dead?

Recently, there have been rumors circulating about Mikayla Campinos’ death on various websites. However, there is no concrete evidence or official statement regarding her passing. The rumors began after personal pictures and videos were leaked on a public forum, titled “Mikayla Campinos Pickles account.” Consequently, her Instagram comments section has been disabled due to this unfortunate event. Until an official announcement is made by her family or management, it remains a mystery and one must refrain from making assumptions.

Mikayla Campinos Boyfriend & Family

As a teenage girl, Mikayla Campinos is currently single and unmarried. While she may have been romantically linked with someone in the past, there is no information available about her current relationship status. Mikayla belongs to a Canadian family of Portuguese ethnicity. However, she hasn’t shared much about her parents. She does have a sister named Ava Campinos, who is also active on TikTok, sharing short dancing videos with her own followers.

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Mikayla Campinos Wiki

Real NameMikayla Campinos
ProfessionTiktok star and social media celebrity
Age16 [as of 2022]
Date of Birth17 November 2006
Zodiac SignScorpio
CollegeDidn’t attend yet
Famous ForTiktoks

Mikayla Campinos Age, Height & More

At the age of 16, Mikayla Campinos stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs approximately 51 kg. She possesses light blonde hair, and brown eyes, and has body measurements of 32-26-34. Her shoe size is 5.5 (US). Despite her young age, Mikayla has already made a name for herself in the world of social media.

Mikayla Campinos began her social media career approximately two years ago when she launched her self-titled TikTok account in 2021. Initially, she started actively sharing content on the platform in December of the same year. While she covers a wide range of topics, Mikayla is best known for her fashion and lifestyle content, which resonates with her audience. Her relatable and impressive content quickly gained millions of views and thousands of followers. She consistently gained hundreds of thousands of followers throughout 2022.

Initially, Mikayla’s main TikTok account was @mikaylacampinos. However, she eventually transitioned her second account, @notmikaylacampinos, into her main profile. As a result, she focused on sharing content primarily on the @notmikaylacampinos account. Currently, her TikTok account @notmikaylacampinos boasts more than 3.3 million followers and 226.3 million total likes. Her original account, @mikaylacampinos, has 2.1 million followers and 108 million total likes.

Apart from TikTok, Mikayla actively shares her stunning images on Instagram. Although she used to repost her TikTok videos on the platform, she eventually stopped and now mainly shares pictures and interacts with her fans through Instagram stories. With over 364k followers on Instagram, Mikayla has already collaborated with numerous brands, including SuperMade, CV Apparel, and Garage Clothing.

Mikayla Campinos Net Worth

Mikayla Campinos has amassed an estimated net worth of $300,000 through her successful social media career. Sponsorships serve as her primary source of income. With millions of followers and an influential personality, Mikayla is an ideal collaborator for various brands. Her TikTok and Instagram accounts have been platforms for promoting numerous companies and products.

Mikayla Campinos Shorts

15 facts about Mikayla Campinos

  1. Mikayla Campinos is a Canadian TikTok star and social media celebrity.
  2. She gained prominence through her TikTok account, where she shares a variety of short videos.
  3. Mikayla’s TikTok account has amassed over three million followers.
  4. She is also active on Instagram, where she interacts with her fans and shares her beautiful images.
  5. Mikayla’s real name is Mikayla Campinos, but she is commonly known as Mika.
  6. She was born on November 17, 2006, making her a Scorpio by zodiac sign.
  7. As of 2023, Mikayla is 16 years old.
  8. Mikayla comes from a Canadian family and currently resides in Victoria, BC.
  9. She is of Portuguese ethnicity and holds Canadian nationality.
  10. Mikayla has a younger sister named Ava Campinos, who is also active on TikTok.
  11. She started her social media career around two years ago and gained popularity on TikTok in 2021.
  12. Mikayla is managed by Gen Z Nation, a marketing agency that helps her with brand collaborations and sponsorships.
  13. She enjoys traveling and has shared her love for exploring new places on her social media accounts.
  14. Mikayla is a coffee enthusiast and often shares her love for coffee on her Instagram stories.
  15. Apart from TikTok and Instagram, Mikayla also has a YouTube channel where she shares short videos, and she currently has 4.27k subscribers.


Who is Mikayla Campinos?

Mikayla Campinos is a TikTok star and social media celebrity from Canada known for her entertaining short videos on TikTok.

How old is Mikayla Campinos?

Mikayla Campinos is currently 16 years old.

Is Mikayla Campinos dead?

There is no official announcement about her death, so we can assume that she is still alive and well.

Does Mikayla Campinos have a boyfriend?

No, Mikayla Campinos is currently single and not dating anyone.

What is Mikayla Campinos’ net worth?

Mikayla Campinos’ estimated net worth is around $300,000.

What are Mikayla Campinos’ hobbies?

Mikayla Campinos enjoys traveling as one of her hobbies.

What is Mikayla Campinos’ nationality?

Mikayla Campinos is Canadian by nationality.

Does Mikayla Campinos have any siblings?

Yes, Mikayla Campinos has a sister named Ava Campinos who is also active on TikTok.

What is Mikayla Campinos’ height and weight?

Mikayla Campinos stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs approximately 51 kg.

Mikayla Campinos is known for sharing a variety of content on TikTok, with a focus on fashion and lifestyle videos.

Mikayla Campinos Net Worth | Dead, Age, Wiki & Bio 2024 (2024)


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