Jeep Liberty (2002-2007) Fuse Diagram • (2024)


Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location, and assignment of fuses and relays Jeep Liberty (KJ) (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007).

Checking and Replacing Fuses

A fuse is an element for protecting the electrical system. A fuse will trip (i.e. it will blow) in the event of a failure or improper interventions in the electrical system.

If an electrical device is not working, check whether the respective fuse is blown. Look at the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse. Check those fuses first that protect the failed component, but check all the fuses before deciding that a blown fuse is not the cause. Replace any blown fuses with another with the same amperage (same color) and check the component’s operation.


  • Before changing a fuse, check the ignition key has been removed and that all the other electric devices have been turned off/disabled.
  • Never replace a broken fuse with anything other than a new fuse. Always use a fuse of the same color.
  • Never change a fuse with another amperage. This can cause damage to the electrical system and fire.
  • If the fuse blows again, have the vehicle inspected at a qualified service center.

Instrument Panel Fuse Box Diagram

The interior fuse panel is on the left side of the instrument panel. A label is attached to the fuse panel cover to identify each fuse for ease of replacement.

Jeep Liberty (2002-2007) Fuse Diagram • (2)

Jeep Liberty (2002-2007) Fuse Diagram • (3)

Jeep Liberty (2002-2007) Fuse Diagram • (4)

AProtected Component
115Horn Relay, Power Sunroof Relay, Power Wondow Relay
210Rear Fog Lamp Relay
320Cigar Lighter
410Right Headlamp (Low Beam)
510Left Headlamp (Low Beam), Lightbar Switch
620Body Control Module (Door Lock)
710USA:Left Side Marker Lamp, Left Front Park/Turn Signal Lamp, Left Tail/Stop Lamp, License Lamp
10Export:Left Leveling Notor, Left Tail/Stop Lamp, License Lamp
910USA:Instrument Cluster, Right Side Marker Lamp, Right Front Park/Turn Signal Lamp, Right Tail/Stop Lamp, Trailer Tow Connector
10Export:Instrument Cluster, Right Tail/Stop Lamp, Trailer Tow Connector, Right Leveling Motor, Lightbar Switch, Headlamp Leveling Switch
1115Hazard Switch/Combination Flasher
1215Stop Lamp Switch
1310Body Control Module, Compass Mini-Trip Computer, Automatic Day/Night Mirror, Instrument Cluster, Passenger Airbag On/Off Indicator, Lightbar Switch (Renegade), Sentry Key Remote Entry Module
1410Gasoline:Powertrain Control Module, Fuel Pump Relay, Radiator Fan (High Speed) Relay, Radiator Fan (Low Speed) Relay, Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay
10Diesel:Engine Control Module, Transmission Control Module, Mass Air Flow Sensor
1620Rear Power Outlet
1715Rear Wiper Motor
1820Radio Choke
1920Front Fog Lamp Relay, Trailer Tow Brake Lamp Relay
2110Radio, Body Control Module, Left/Right Door Lock Switch
2220Power Sunroof Relay, Antenna Module
2410Blower Motor Relay, Fuel Heater Relay
2510A/C Heater Control, Blend Door Actuator, Heated Seat Switches, Power Mirror Switch, Trailer Tow Relay
2610Right Headlamp (High Beam)
2710Left Headlamp (High Beam)
2910Heated Mirror, A/C Heater Control
3015Heated Seat Module
3210Multi-Function Switch (Wiper Switch/Front and Rear Wipers)
3310Data Link Connector, Sentry Key Remote Entry Module
3415Dome Lamp, Instrument Cluster, Courtesy Lamp, Siren, Radio, Intrusion Transceiver Module, Left and Right Visor/Vanity Lamp, Overhead Map/Reading Lamp, Hands Free Module, Cargo Lamp, Compass Mini-Trip Computer
3610Airbag Control Module, Occupant Classification Module
3710Airbag Control Module
3810ABS, Shifter Assembly, Tre Pressure Monitoring System
3910Hazard Switch/Combination Flasher, Rear Window Defogger Relay, Transmission Range Sensor (3.7L+A/T), Transmissio Solenoid/TRS Assembly (2.8L+A/T), Back-Up Lamp Switch (M/T)
R1High Beam
R2Daytime Running Lamp
Circuit Breaker (Rear side)
CB125Power Seat
CB320Front Wiper (On/Off) Relay, Fron Wiper (High/Low) Relay, Front Wiper Motor
Relay (Rear side)
R1Power Window
R2Rear Window Defogger
R3Low Beam
R4Power Sunroof
R5Front Fog Lamp
R6Door Lock
R9Passenger Door Unlock
R10Rear Fog Lamp
R11Park Lamp
R12Driver Door Unlock


Engine Compartment Fuse Box Diagram

The electrical power distribution center is located in the engine compartment near the battery.

Jeep Liberty (2002-2007) Fuse Diagram • (5)

This power center houses plug-in “Cartridge” fuses that replace in-line fusible links. The power center also contains “Mini” fuses and plug-in full and micro ISO relays. A label inside the latching cover of the center identifies each component for ease of replacement, if necessary.

Jeep Liberty (2002-2007) Fuse Diagram • (6)

AProtected Component
140Blower Motor Relay
230Radiator Fan (High Speed) Relay, Radiator Fan (Low Speed) Relay
40Radiator Fan (High Speed) Relay, Radiator Fan (Low Speed) Relay
350Park Lamp Relay, Daytime Running Lamp, High Beam Relay, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "32", "33", "CB3"
520Gasoline+A/T:Transmission Control Relay (Powertrain Control Module, Transmission Solenoid/Pressure Switch Assembly, Variable Line Pressure Sensor)
30Diesel+A/T:Transmission Control Relay (Transmission Control Module, Transmission Solenoid/TRS Assembly)
630Auto Shut Down Relay (Ignition Coils (3.7L), Coil Rail (2.4L), Fuse: "26")
30Auto Shut Down Relay (Fuse: "16", "26")
750Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "11", "12", "30", "34"
840Starter Relay, Ignition Switch (Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "24", "25", "37', "38", "39")
950Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "6", "16", "17", "18", "19"
1030Trailer Tow Relay
1120Diesel:Fuel Heater Relay
1230Lightbar Switch (Renegade)
1340Power Window Relay
1440Ignition Switch (Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "13", "14", "21", "24", "25", "31", "32", "36", "37', "38", "39", "CB1")
1550Low Beam Relay, Fuse (Passenger Compartment): "2", "11", "31"
1615Diesel:Radiator Fan (High Speed) Relay, Radiator Fan (Low Speed) Relay, Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay, Cabin Heater Relay, Vacuum Reservoir Solenoid, Boost Pressure Solenoid, Glow Plug Module, Engine Control Module, EGR Solenoid, EGR Air Flow Control
1930Rear Window Defogger Relay
2120Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch Relay, Cabin Heater Relay (Diesel)
2420Gasoline:Fuel Pump Relay, Powertrain Control Module
2625Gasoline:Powertrain Control Module, Fuel Injectors
25Diesel:Engine Control Module
2815Starter Relay
R1Gasoline:Fuel Pump
Diesel:Fuel Heater
R3Wiper (On/Off)
R4Wiper (High/Low)
R5Blower Motor
R6Gasoline:Radiator Fan (High Speed)
Diesel:Glow Plug Heater (№1)
R7Air Conditioner Compressor Clutch
R8Diesel:Cabin Heater
R9A/T:Transmission Control
M/T:Clutch Switch Override
R11Auto Shut Down
R12Gasoline:Radiator Fan (Low Speed)
Diesel:Glow Plug Heater (№2)


Jeep Liberty (2002-2007) Fuse Diagram • (2024)


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