How to Choose an Oval Engagement Ring: Benefits, Carat Size, and What’s Trending (2024)

Last updated on June 1, 2023

Oval engagement rings. While they probably aren’t the engagement rings you read about in fairy tales, this unique jewelry style boasts timeless appeal and everlasting butterflies.

The oval ring plays the role of the steady friend in the fine jewelry world. Second in popularity to only the round cut, the oval made its mark on day one—and continues to be loved by fashion magazines and engagement ring trendsetters.

What’s so special about the oval cut engagement ring? The answer is . . . more than you think. Follow along for everything there is to know about oval-cut diamonds and why they should be at the top of your engagement ring shopping list.

4 Benefits of Choosing an Oval Engagement Ring

The Oval Cut Naturally Elongates the Finger

Short fingers got you down? Everyone wants the appearance of long, elegant fingers—but some of us are just not so blessed. This isn’t a problem when you’re wearing an oval-cut diamond. The shape of the ring naturally elongates your fingers, giving you that desired gracefulness.

An Oval Cut Isn’t Prone to Damage

Round vs Oval engagement ring: The oval engagement ring is more exotic than its round-cut cousin. However, the oval still possesses many of the same benefits as a round stone. One of those benefits is its durability. Without harsh edges, it’s difficult to chip an oval cut. When you choose a durable stone, like a diamond, it’s nearly impossible.

There Are Endless Design Options

The sky’s the limit when it comes to oval engagement ring designs. You can use a hidden halo, a three-stone design, or surround your oval stone with dozens of accent diamonds. An oval-cut ring is the ideal choice for those looking to customize their romantic gift. If your perfect engagement ring only exists in your mind, contact our jewelers so we can make it a reality.

You’ll Save Money without Sacrificing the Size of the Diamond

Even if she’s too shy to tell you—your girl is dreaming of a giant diamond gemstone. But diamonds are pricey. In fact, the cost jumps a few thousand dollars every time you increase the carat size. An oval cut gives the illusion of a larger cut stone—without the added cost. So she can have her dream ring—and you can book your dream honeymoon vacation with the extra cash.

Build Your Oval Engagement Ring: Our Top Recommendations

Best Gemstones for Your Oval Engagement Ring

Without a doubt, our favorite gemstone for your oval engagement ring is the diamond. The oval cut adds depth, sparkle, and some serious wow factor to any diamond.

However, you don’t have to stop at the diamond when it comes to an ova cut. From sapphires to emeralds and rubies—pretty much any gem will look beautiful in this style. And because it’s so durable, the oval cut is a soft gem’s best friend.

Ideal Carat Size for Your Oval Engagement Ring

The average engagement ring size is around one carat. When you purchase a one carat oval-cut ring, it will look larger than the other cut options simply due to the optical illusion of its shape. If you don’t want anyone to miss the news of your recent engagement, a two or three carat ring will be very impressive—and will earn you a lot of points with the in-laws.

Bridal Set Options for Your Oval Engagement Rings

A bridal set is an engagement ring and wedding ring combination. Typically, the rings are purchased together and custom designed to match. The benefit of this is that you won’t have to do any scrambling before the wedding, and you can be sure that both rings will fit together perfectly.

It’s totally possible to create a bridal set with an oval-cut engagement ring. We recommend matching your accent stones (usually diamonds) with the stones featured in your wedding ring. You can create space between the two rings to differentiate them, or you can fit them together so they appear as one larger ring.

Editor’s Pick: Our Favorite Oval Engagement Rings

The Cyrena Women’s Oval Engagement Ring

Say “hello” to engagement ring dreams. The Cyrena Women’s Ring features a stunning center emerald with diamond accent stones on either side. The accent stones give the ring an even larger natural appearance.

The Daffodil Women’s Oval Engagement Ring

With a blue diamond at the center and accent diamonds surrounding it, the Daffodil Women’s Ring will blow her away almost as much as your proposal. Consider changing it up with a different center stone (perhaps a diamond) and a custom wedding band.

The Leilani Women’s Oval Engagement Ring

It’s giving Kate Middleton vibes—but with a twist. We love that the Leilani Women’s Ring provides the illusion of a square-shaped engagement ring but uses the oval cut. The oval cut already tricks the eyes into seeing a bigger center gemstone—but add the surrounding accent diamonds and you can make a one-carat stone look three times bigger.

Let Diamondere Be a Small Part of Your Big Moment

Nothing says “I love you” like knowing her taste in jewelry. When you open the ring box and she sees her dream engagement ring, she’ll be even more certain you’re meant to be.

Considering all your options is important before making your final purchase. Whether you end up choosing an oval cut, circle cut, or emerald cut, we know you’ll go the extra mile with time and research to ensure that her “yes” is the best yes of her life.

For extra support picking out your oval engagement ring or to create a custom piece, contact our professional jewelers. Just send us a note that includes all your must-haves and dream features. We can’t wait to be a small part of your big moment.

Build a Custom Oval Engagement Ring

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How to Choose an Oval Engagement Ring: Benefits, Carat Size, and What’s Trending (2024)


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