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OK. I finally did it. I have returned to the only weight loss plan that I can stick to successfully over a long period of time. Weight Watchers! I started –again –19 days ago at 152.8 pounds (I am short, guys— 5’2″) and now weigh 147.8. Five pounds off in 19 days and it shows…cuz I’m short! LOL

Now, mind you, I really have not been suffering. I have had dessert every day. I have gone out to eat three times and had 2 fullsize fish fry dinners and a steak dinner with all the trimmings. How? Just counted the points!


So, I have been humming right along. Enjoying staying within my 26 points per day. Not veering off too far and always leaving some bonus points that could have been used but NOT using them all. Perfect! More info: Calculating Weight Watchers Points

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And then Father’s Day shows up. Ugh. And my sweet hubby says that all he really wants is a Frozen Pink Lemonade Pie! OK. I can resist eating any myself but, when I bake, I really do like to have a smidge. Just a smidge. So, I decided to figure out what size piece I can have without destroying the good work I’ve done. Well, one tenth of the pie (a small slice in my estimation) is 12 points. THAT ain’t gonna happen! I’d have to figure out a much smaller slice than that!

That was complication number one.

Number two? Date night. We go out to eat, or get take-out, every Friday night. Tonight is Red Robin night. Oh my goodness! A cup of chili and a ‘Shroom Burger are my favorites. Cup of Red Robin chili is 6 points and the burger is 19. I can, and will, do that but that lemonade pie is lurking in the shadows 2 days from now. Gotta have a plan!

My Plan

That is why I decided to learn how to calculate Weight Watchers points in a whole recipe. I did it. I can have 1/16 slice of the pie for 8 points, if it really means THAT much to me. Guess what? Love that pie but it probably is


worth it. I can have a half cup of delicious Edy’s chocolate ice cream for 3. That is what I will do.

But just how DID I calculate those points? I will show you right now. Please, relax about the math. There is a link below to a free online recipe calculator by The Food Ladythat you can use but, what if the lights go out? Or, what if the battery on your laptop runs low just when you need those points! So here’s how to do this manually, just in case.

How To Calculate Weight Watchers Points In A Recipe

1. Get out the ingredients. If you don’t have them all on hand, the nutritional labels can be found online (if you have power, LOL.)

2. Find a blank piece of paper and a pen.

3. Make columns at the top of the page with these titles:

Protein Carbohydrates Fat Fiber Servings

4. Write a list of ingredients down the right side of the page. In this instance, I was calculating my recipe for Lemonade Pie so I wrote:

  • Graham Cracker Crust
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Frozen Lemonade
  • Cool Whip

5. Next to each ingredient, write the protein, carbs, fat and fiber for that ingredient PLUS how many servings in the entire pie.* Note: you can find that information on the product’s nutritional label or in a Weight Watchers Points Plus Pocket Guide (pictured below)

So, if the crust says 1/10 servings then I will ultimately have to multiply each value of that ingredient by 10. i.e Fat 6 X10 = 60 grams of fat in the WHOLE crust.

*That is your first goal. To determine the fat, carbs, fiber and protein of each INGREDIENT in the ENTIRE recipe.

6. After you have done that for each ingredient, multiplying all of the factors by how many servings of that ingredient and writing them down, ADD each column up. You will have total fat, carbs, fiber and protein for the entire recipe.

7. Divide the totals of all four by the size serving you want to know about. I started with a slice of pie that was 1/8 of the whole. So I divided them by 8 and THEN used a points calculator. 18 points! Yikes! I settled on 1/16 for 8 points or none at all.

To discover the points in foods where the values are already noted on the label by a serving, you can purchase a Weight Watchers Points Plus Calculator or use a FREEonline calculator. To figure out points in a recipe that you are making use the …

Unofficial Points PlusRecipe Calculator

“Finally, a weight loss plan I can stick with and even eat pie!”

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My Pink Lemonade Pie Recipe
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How To Calculate Points In Recipes - Ducks 'n a Row (11)

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How To Calculate Points In Recipes - Ducks 'n a Row (2024)


How do you calculate food points? ›

Calculate the points in your food.
  1. p=(cal/50) + (fat/12) - (fiber/5)
  2. In simpler terms: the number of points = calories / 50 + fat grams / 12 - fiber / 5. However, only fiber up to 4 is used. So if your dish has 10 grams of still use 4. Don't ask.

How do you calculate Weight Watchers points for homemade food? ›

  1. To calculate Weight Watchers points from US food nutrition fact labels, you can use the following formula:
  2. Points = (calories / 50) + (total fat / 12) - (fiber / 5)
  3. To figure out your total amount of daily points by weight and height, you can use the Weight Watchers app or online tools.
Oct 5, 2019

What does WW mean in Weight Watchers? ›

WW International, Inc., formerly Weight Watchers International, Inc., is a global company headquartered in the U.S. that offers weight loss and maintenance, fitness, and mindset services such as the Weight Watchers comprehensive diet program.

How do you calculate tip points? ›

The tipping point is reached when the weight force acts through the corner of the object. At this point, angles θ and ϕ sum to 90°. The angle ϕ is the angle between the bottom edge and the line joining the corner and the centre of gravity, as shown in Figure 10 in the Appendix (page 11).

What are points for food? ›

A crucial part of the WW program is Weight Watchers points — also called the WW Points system. The points system assigns a number of points to every food and beverage based on the amount of calories, sugar, protein and saturated fat they contain.

How do I manually calculate Weight Watchers points? ›

Add fat number to protein and carb number. Divide fibre by 12. Subtract fibre number from the added numbers from the protein, carb, and fat. You now have the point value.

Can I eat as much as I want of zero point foods on Weight Watchers? ›

Full of fiber and protein, these foods also support overall health, keep you full, and bulk up and add flavor to your meals. And, of course, you can eat as much as you like.

Does the Weight Watchers app have a calculator? ›

Follow the steps below to access the Calculator: iPhone/Android/iPad: From the My Day screen > Tap "Search Food" > "+" > select "Show calculator" > Complete all required nutritional information and name the food then tap Track.

Does Oprah own Weight Watchers now? ›

Winfrey owns about 1.1 million shares of WW International, representing a 1.43% stake in the company, according to data provider FactSet.

How can I speed up weight loss on Weight Watchers? ›

6 Science-Backed Tricks That Can Help Make Weight Watchers Work Better
  1. How to lose weight faster on Weight Watchers. ...
  2. Dig in at breakfast. ...
  3. Go for protein early in the day. ...
  4. Look for Mother Nature's seal of approval. ...
  5. Drink a cup of water before every meal. ...
  6. Sip some green tea. ...
  7. Enjoy metabolism-shocking splurges.
Nov 13, 2023

How much weight can you lose on Weight Watchers in 3 months? ›

Short-term weight loss

In one study of 152 people with obesity, researchers found that people on WeightWatchers lost an average of nearly 6% of their body weight in 3 months. Plus, one-third of participants in this study were able to lose 10% or more of their body weight after 6 months.

What is the formula to calculate Weight Watchers points? ›

Add fat number to protein and carb number. Divide fibre by 12. Subtract fibre number from the added numbers from the protein, carb, and fat. You now have the point value.

How do you calculate points per dollar? ›

Calculating the Value of Credit Card Points. The simplest way to calculate the value of your credit card points is to divide the dollar value of the reward by the number of points required to redeem it. For example, if it takes 50,000 points to get a $650 airplane ticket, your points are worth about 1.3 cents each.

How many calories is 35 points on Weight Watchers? ›

Along the way, the program adopted a “points” system to help make it easier to track calories (35 Points per day was about 1900 calories; and Point limits were assigned to individuals depending upon their age, gender, height, and weight).

How many food points per day? ›

How many Weight Watchers smart points are you allowed per day? Users are usually allowed about 30 smart points a day. This varies from person to person according to factors such as age, weight, and gender.


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