21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (2024)

by Nick Ahlberg

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (1)

Looking for an elegant engagement ring that stands out while also standing the test of time? This collection features a number of our of most exquisite pieces. Classic or modern, understated or elaborate, we're confident you'll find something to love here.

Some of these rings are from our Classic Honey Collectionor ourReady to Wear Collection. Others are custom pieces that were designed for individual clients. If you see something that catches your eye, please send us a message and let us know how we can help bring your ring dreams to life!

#1. Triple Oval Diamonds

We’re admittedly of the opinion that three stone rings aren’t paid due attention. Like a lot of things, they are not easy to make, but so very worth it when done well.

It’s important to remember a three stone ring is all about proportions: in this ring, a gorgeous 1.6 carat center oval is fixed between two half-carat ovals. You’ll notice there is total harmony between the size and shapes of the diamonds.

We painstakingly source the perfect stones to complement one another, rather than compete with one another. The result is spellbinding.

This was a custom ring we created for a client. Drop us a line if you're in love with it and we'll gladly work with you createyour own.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (2)

#2. Ruby with Cadi Cut Diamonds

There are countless reasons we’re keen on ruby engagement rings. The blazing red color evokes feelings of love and passion, while the stone is exceedingly rare, an appropriate celebration of the singularity of true love.

Considered the Stone of Kings since their discovery in modern-day India, rubies have always been associated with royalty, and are a common choice for crowns and tiaras, like Queen Elizabeth’s Burmese Ruby Tiara she is frequently pictured wearing.

Rubies are second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, which is an important consideration for an engagement ring.

Complete with cadi-cut diamonds on either side, this stone is bezel-set, which not only emphasizes the unique shape of the stone, but also ensures its security.

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#3. Cushion Cut Diamond with Tapered Pave Band

While the setting would look gorgeous with any stone, we’re partial to this cushion-cut diamond.

The modern-day cushion-cut is an evolution of the “old mine cut” technique, named for the “older” diamond mines of eighteenth century Brazil. Like the old mine cut, hallmarks of the cushion shape include a higher, domed top, and a rounded-square shape. Cushion-cuts have a bit more variety and leniency as to how they’re shaped and faceted, giving each stone more character of its own.

This setting features our signature double-claw prongs, and a gently tapered, diamond-studded band.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (4)

#4. Pear Shaped Diamond with Zero Gap Halo

One of only two asymmetrical diamond shapes, pear-shaped diamonds have so much working in their favor that it’s a surprise we don’t see them even more often!

One of history's most discussed diamonds is a pear, the Taylor-Burton diamond, owned by (you guessed it) Elizabeth Taylor.

For one, pears provide the same amount of sparkle as a round diamond, due to their 58 facets, but they also tend to look larger on the surface.

Additionally, they elongate the finger thanks to their tapered end. They can be worn either with the tip pointing up or down, creating two distinct looks in one ring.

This ring is expertly embellished with our trademark Zero-Gap halo.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (5)

#5. Round Diamond with Pave Cathedral

Our Grace Engagement ring is an understated classic, featuring a fiery round-cut diamond in a cathedral setting.

Mimicking the high, domed ceilings of a gothic cathedral, this setting uses arches to hold the diamond higher above the band. These graceful arches are functional, but also decorative; delicate accent stones infuse this classic shape with style. Practically, cathedral settings also provide extra height to showcase a gorgeous center stone.

The saying “diamonds are forever” is indeed true, and if you’re looking for an engagement ring that will never go out of style, this one’s for you.

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#6. Claw-prong Salt & Pepper Diamond with Pave Band

In this incredible ring, no detail is spared. It starts with a salt & pepper diamond– we are quite fond of using these stones, for their depth and character. This one has an elegant steely grey color that makes even the most cynical of us swoon.

The prongs resemble the talons of an eagle, a nod to the strength found in the bond of your love.

From the prongs to the band, the entire setting is covered in accent diamonds, french-set by hand to create a continuous beam of shine.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (7)

#7. Sapphire with Baguette Diamonds

If you're looking for an elegant engagement ring, why not take your cues from one of the greatest style icons of our time, Princess Diana?

The late Lady Di famously chose a sapphire for her marriage to Prince Charles. (The ring now sits on the finger of duch*ess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.) Though her ring created an international sensation, Diana wasn’t the first royal to choose a sapphire— Napoleon Bonaparte gave wife Josephine a stunning sapphire ring in 1796, the design of which is referenced still today, some two-hundred years later.

Baguette-cut diamonds offset the remarkable sapphire center stone, and comprise the ring’s band.

If you plan to walk down the aisle in a sapphire, your “something blue” will already be on your finger.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (8)

#8. Diamond Eternity Band as an Engagement Ring

Elegance is often found in simplicity, and an eternity band for an engagement ring is the perfect illustration of that.

There’s something to be said for the approachable luxury of a band. A diamond eternity band is equal parts discrete and luxurious; it says that you appreciate glamour but renounce unnecessary attention.

What we love most about opting for an eternity band is that it will serve as the cornerstone for a growing stack of rings to commemorate all your future milestones.

The oval diamond band pictured here is Chloe, one of our fan-favorites.

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#9. Three Stone with Triple Emerald Cut Diamonds

To us, emerald-cut diamonds exude pure elegance, and this ring has that threefold. Chiseled, pristine, and refined, an emerald-cut says the wearer is chic and daring.

The emerald cutting technique is one of the oldest, dating back centuries for emeralds, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that the cut became popular for cutting diamonds. The linear nature of this shape happens to align perfectly with the ultra-geometric Art Deco style, so it's no wonder the emerald-cut came into fashion at this time. As a step-cut stone, the sparkle of these diamonds has a hall-of-mirrors effect: broad flashes of light, as opposed to the subtle scintillation of a round diamond.

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#10. Round Halo with Pave Band

If you tend to eschew trends in favor of timeless pieces, the Francis Engagement Ring is right up your alley.

Centering upon a classic round-cut diamond, this ring will always feel fresh. Though it sounds like an obvious shape, it actually wasn’t possible to create a modern round-cut until the advent of new technology at the turn of the twentieth century. Because they contain more facets than any other cut, round diamonds reflect the most light. Translation: they are the most sparkly diamond you can get your hands on!

The Francis Ring is complete with a pave diamond band that continues three-quarters of the way down, leaving all that’s visible glowing with diamonds.

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#11. Pink Sapphire with Pave Cathedral

This pink sapphire engagement ring is the epitome of ladylike charm.

It’s really nothing new: the use of pink sapphires in engagement rings actually dates back to ancient Rome. In many Asian cultures, they are especially adored, as they draw symbolic comparison to the lotus flower, representing purity of the heart.

It’s also worth noting that pink sapphires are universally flattering to all skin tones, thanks to the warm light they cast. The rose gold metal in this example accentuates that warmth, and the accent diamonds add extra fire.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (12)

#12. East-West Pear Shaped Diamond

We love using familiar elements and presenting them in unexpected ways. Case in point: we took this juicy pear-cut diamond and set it on its side.

Not only is the east-west orientation totally original, it also emphasizes the womanly curves of a pear-cut diamond. A pear-cut is a fusion of a round and marquise, and we find it’s perfect for anyone ultra-feminine.

The ring is finished with a band of accent diamonds, which serve to intensify the diamond’s magnificent glow.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (13)

#13. Round Diamond with Tapered Baguettes

Each aspect of this style is carefully considered, and it shows. The Mackenzie Ring centers upon a striking oval-cut diamond. A stone of this shape says the wearer is sophisticated and grounded.

Many of history’s most famous diamonds are an oval shape. The stone is thought to be the perfect middleground, providing the brilliance of a round cut, while also flattering the finger by making it appear long and slender. Proportions are everything in an oval-cut, and this one gets it just right. We love how the shape is creatively offset by the east-west tapered baguette diamonds flanking either side.

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#14. Salt & Pepper Diamond with Lotus Halo

This ring is ideal for anyone with a soft spot for an antique aesthetic. It resembles the style of cluster ring popular during the Georgian era, beginning in the eighteenth century.

In stark contrast to the razor-thin halos and pavé diamonds we often see today, the halo on this ring is decidedly thicker, containing more substantial stones and exuding that same handmade quality that is so charming in antique jewelry.

The salt & pepper diamonds mimic the “foil back” technique, used in the Georgian era to enhance jewelry’s glow in candlelight— doesn’t that sound romantic?

This memorable piece is just begging to be admired from an intimate distance.

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#15. Round Cut with Asymmetrical Accent Diamonds

Though it will catch anyone’s eye from a distance, the Nora Asymmetrical Ring is just begging to be admired more closely.

The variations are subtle, but this ring actually features a bespoke asymmetrical arrangement of accent stones, to complement a substantial round diamond in the center.

A product of endless hours of scrutiny, we carefully source stones for each ring, and the shapes of those diamonds determine each ring’s one-of-a-kind design, hence the asymmetry. This ring is at once elegant, and completely original.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (16)

#16.Cushion Cut with Halo & Split Pave Shank

The Eva Ring is designed to wow you daily.

We love a setting that reinforces the beauty of a stone, while offering a vision of its own. Featuring a round-cut diamond center stone, the halo takes on the shape of a cushion, creating a unique juxtaposition.

Almost no inch of this ring is untouched by sparkling diamonds, thanks to our signature Zero-Gap-Halo. The ring’s band splits in the middle as it reaches the head, creating even more surface to shimmer.

This modern ring delivers on glamour and grace.

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#17. Cathedral-set Solitaire

The elegance of a clean cathedral setting is truly unmatched. Thoroughly steeped in tradition, this setting uses arches to hold the diamond high above the band— think of the towering ceilings of a cathedral. The height of this setting means the diamond is more prominent, and can make the stone appear larger.

We love how this ring is pure and unfussy, allowing the integrity of the stone to speak for itself. After all, an incredible diamond doesn’t need much fanfare to announce its shining presence.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (18)

#18. Spinel with Diamond Band

Rarely is a stone like this done justice in photos. The focal point of this piece is a gorgeous spinel, which we find to be an elegant choice for someone in search of a more offbeat engagement ring.

This ring’s steely hue is at once hauntingly beautiful and totally wearable. Spinels are all about color, and are known for their fluorescence: they often appear to be glowing, and the color can (somewhat magically) behave differently in various lights. Spinels deliver more saturated color than almost any other gemstone, and there’s a science to that: they are singly refractive, which means whatever color you see when you look at the stone is at its purest because it's a single ray of a single hue, as oppose to a mix of colors.

This ring is finished with a sleek diamond band.

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#19. Three Stone Oval & Half Moon Diamonds

This ring embraces the unexpected and packs a punch, using three stones to give the illusion of one considerably large diamond. If it’s that wow-factor you’re seeking, look no further. The three stones—one center oval bounded by two half-moon diamonds—create an unusual shape with dazzling light.

While the diamonds make a statement, the band maintains an elegant simplicity and allows the stones to shine.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (20)

#20. Classic Round Cut Halo

Isn’t there something undeniably elegant about a quintessential round diamond? This breathtaking stone is basically the Grace Kelly of rings: understated yet unforgettable.

The lustrous diamond is enhanced by a border of our trademark Zero-Gap halo. The halo is so strategically integrated that it nearly looks like it’s part of the center diamond, creating the appearance of an even larger center stone and amplifying the luminosity tenfold.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (21)

#21. Classic Round Cut Solitaire

Saving the unquestioned champion of timelessness for last, our classic solitaire diamond engagement ring is the epitome of elegance. This piece is designed with thoughtful details that make all the difference.

The setting is tapered, meaning that the band becomes thinner as it reaches the head of the ring. Four of our signature claw prongs secure the stone. All elements work towards one common goal, which is to emphasize the beauty of the center stone.

If you lean toward a more minimalist aesthetic, definitely check out the list of our 24 Favorite Simple Engagement Ring Styles.

21 Elegant Engagement Rings with Perfectly Refined Style (2024)


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